Dragon Boat Festival Dinner

On the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, the annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Tonight, ZHONGXIN Lighting family have had a happy Dragon Boat Festival dinner. Every year on the eve of this festival, our company holds a magnificent Dragon Boat Festival dinner for all members. This is a traditional activity of our company aimed at enhancing communication and teamwork among employees, further enhancing their cohesion and sense of belonging. This Dragon Boat Festival dinner is not only to celebrate the traditional festival of the Chinese nation, but also to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication to the company. We hope that through this event, employees can relax and enjoy a pleasant time. In this dinner, our company prepared a delicious traditional Dragon Boat Festival food - Zongzi. In addition to Zongzi, the company also prepared a variety of other food and drinks for everyone to taste.

Happy Dragon Boat Festival Dinner

Through this event, we hope to inspire more interaction and cooperation among employees, while also strengthening their sense of identification with the company culture. During this special dinner, everyone have had a pleasant time and shared happiness and warmth with colleagues. Through everyone's joint efforts and close cooperation, our company is bound to achieve greater success.

Wishing everyone a healthy Dragon Boat Festival!

Post time: Jun-21-2023