Decorative String Lights


String lights wholesale & supplier

We are decorative string lights manufacturer and have factories located in China, offering a variety of outdoor string lights that take your decorating projects and event planning to new levels. Decorative string lights powered by battery or solar add a touch of elegance to outdoor spaces such as patios and gazebos, and they are also super for lighting indoor spaces and party tents.
Create a stylish look for backyards, patios, weddings and other events with a wide variety of decorative string lights. We offer LED String Lights, as well as Vintage String Lights for those searching for a Edison-bulb look. Our popular Globe String Lights offer an affordable solution for home, event or wedding lighting needs.
Solar string lights are an effortless and power-saving option to keep your outdoor spaces bright and decorated. They can be left as patio lighting to add ambience year-round.
Plug-in string lights are great for indoor use, although some come equipped for outdoor use as well. White bulbs add brightness and visibility, while incandescent bulbs have a cozier feel. Colorful bulbs are a festive option to use as party lights or decorative lights.
String Lights from Zhongxin Lighting offer the convenience of ready-to-use lights for homeowners and event planners as a lighting solution.
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