Why Is Outdoor Lighting Important?

One of the main reasons why you need outdoor lighting is to give a warm and well-lit welcome to anyone who comes to your home, including yourself. It also allows you to increase your safety and security at night. It would also be really strange to return home from work to a completely dark front door with little visibility of where the steps are.

With a well-lit porch, you will always be able to see what’s going on outside your house. Even if you look out the porch in the middle of the night, you won’t have to squint around to see anything. This also allows you to host nighttime events outside your house, as the ambiance would be perfect.

Last but not least, proper outdoor lighting adds to the curb appeal of your home. 

Light Up Your Porch With the Best Outdoor Hanging Lights

The first thing anyone will notice when they pull up in front of your home is the sacred porch. The porch sits idle as people cross it to enter the home without giving it a second glance. But what if we told you that your porch can look just as elegant as the interior of your home? Hanging porch lights or pendant lights are the perfect addition to any porch that will completely revamp its look. These outdoor lights come in various shapes and designs, ready to change the exterior of your home. They give a soft, glowing ambiance to your front door while providing the necessary safety you would need at night via a bright light. They also highlight the intricate architecture of your home at night, bringing forth features that you may have missed in the absence of illumination. This is why we bring you the ultimate selection of premium hanging porch lights to add a literal spark to your life in 2023.

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Buying Guide for the Most Ideal Hanging Porch Light

After going over some of the classic and modern porch lights out there, you must be wondering exactly which one would be the right one for you. Well, there is no need to wonder anymore because we bring you this detailed buying guide on hanging porch lights that will answer most of your questions and queries about porch lights and how to choose the ones right for you. Read on to step into a world of bright lights.

How To Choose the Best Hanging Porch Lights?

1. Durability

Your porch lights wont be of any use if you have to keep replacing them all the time. Invest in light fixtures and bulbs that will last you a long time and withstand the test of time. LED lights are recommended for this reason, as they are quite durable and last a long time.

2. Weatherproof

Since you will install porch lights outdoors, you need to ensure that they are weatherproof. Being weatherproof means that the lights are not damaged due to water, wind, or heat. If they’re not weatherproof, they should at least be waterproof, or else your lights will get damaged as soon as it gets humid or rains.

3. Power source

The first thing to consider is the source of power for your lights. If you can afford solar panels, investing in solar-powered lights would be a great option. Your solar panels and light source will both be outside and can be kept in each other’s vicinity.

If the lights have to be plugged in directly, ensure your porch or backyard has a power socket nearby. If not, you can invest in an extension cord. You can also get hardwired lights that are connected directly to your electrical wires, although you might need an electrician to install these lights.

Which Light Sources Should I Use for My Hanging Porch Lights?

Outdoor lighting fixtures are commonly most compatible with LED lights and incandescent lights. You can use either of these two types of light bulbs as your porch light. Fluorescent light bulbs also exist but are generally not recommended for the reasons explained below. Here is a brief comparison of the two to help you choose the right one for your porch lighting.

LED light

LED light bulbs are known for being easy on the pocket. They save energy and do not heat up the bulb, which allows them to last a long time, sometimes up to 10000 hours. However, these bulbs can be a little expensive, and their light color can vary from one bulb to another.

Incandescent light

These are the most common types of light bulbs used in outdoor lighting. They are not very energy-efficient and cost quite a bit in electrical bills. They also require replacement quite often as they get used up pretty quickly. However, they are cheap and come in warm colors for the perfect glow.

Fluorescent light

These lights are cheaper and more energy-efficient than incandescent lights, but they are not recommended for outdoor settings. This is because they emit UV light, contain toxic material, and are not environment friendly.

What Other Kinds of Outdoor Lighting you Would Like to Use on Your Porch?

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Post time: Jul-01-2023