Based on the premise that a lack of tools penalize efficient collaborative work, two research engineers from INRIA and XEROX have created mars:hello!. Inspired by new approaches and tools that have leveled up the software development industry towards agility and quality, mars:hello! take up the challenge of providing a generic tool for continuous integration of information, addressing several industry segments.


Today, companies are well equipped with processes and tools supporting their core business operations. However, new technologies disruptions and a changing environment require a higher reactivity and shake enterprises business processes.

In this context, the industry of software development has been able to support high frequency deliveries from numerous contributors, without compromising quality by controlling the integration impact on the whole project. The breakthrough comes as a mix of automated tools and platforms integrating delivered objects, along with appropriate Agile methods.

mars:hello! is convinced that these software industry good practices can benefit to various domains. Inspired by this approach, the operationNetwork web service makes a continuous integration of information.


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