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The better the understanding of context, the better and quicker the decision.

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About Us

Our history

The Mars:hello! founders come from different backgrounds in research and engineering, but with a common understanding of the major challenges that modern age industries are facing. We began when our background in robotics, software and long-term digital preservation made us realize we could help space agencies dealing with complex projects.

Our vision

A continuously informed decision making environment is a necessity in our post-industrial economy.
For fast and right decisions, be informed in advance, continuously, selectively and globally. Successful sofware communities have established the stages below to set up such decision making capacity.

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Latest News

mars:hello! talk at Eclipse Day in Rhone-Alpes

Eclipse Day in Rhone-Alpes is back  October 16, 2015. mars:hello! will give a brief talk introducing an interaction between eclipse EMF and d3.js javascript.  More details on Eclipse Day organized …