Configure the need-to-know between different areas of expertise.

Distribute the “push” responsabilities to identified actors.


Follow in real-time the activity and the evolution of the coordination.

Navigate from synthetic view to business details all along the history.


Negotiate regularly the configuration to engage the coordination around an agile and agreed contract about the expected information.


Exchange the requested need-to-know through the configured infrastructure.

Push frequently qualified information. Be notified selectively and globally.


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mars:hello! talk at Eclipse Day in Rhone-Alpes

Eclipse Day in Rhone-Alpes is back October 16, 2015. mars:hello! will give a brief talk introducing an interaction between eclipse EMF and d3.js javascript. More details on Eclipse Day organized by Clust’RNumerique and our talk (in french).

Exchange information during Rover egress test using mars:hello!

End October a simulation stretching between France and the Netherlands let ESA’s Planetary Robotics Laboratory test such an ‘egress’ scenario. mars:hello! was used to exchange information during the experimentation. More details on Rover egress test ESA website, a time-lapse rover testing, and a short presentation of mars-hello use.

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